Monday , November 28 2022

The Children can now be safe from Dengue   

In January, 2022 Filomena Siqueira (34) received information from the volunteers about how to prevent dengue fever at her home in Santa Cruz, Dili.

The mother of two daughters, said that the information shared by the volunteers really made her pay more attention to her children.

Sometimes we don’t notice the if the children have been playing outside in the rai,n sometimes they don’t sleep in the mosquito net, or play dirty water. The information provided to us reminds us to be more taking care of the children.

Filomena explained to the CVTL Communication Team in February, that the abatement medicine that CVTL volunteers had placed in her water tanks. We were relieved as we knew it would help prevent dengue fever, which is now considered a pandemic because it killed a number of people in January, including children .

“Yes, before they (CVTL) put the abate in water tanks and wells around the village, we could, sometimes see the larvae and there were so many mosquitos. After the “medicine” was  used the  mosquitoes disappeared, and so had the larvae. It seems that this “medicine”  is indeed a drug to eradicate mosquitoes. Therefore now I feel good, the children can be safe. said

According to Filomena, she now cleans  the water tank every week and fills the water reservoir with sand. When cleaning the bathtub, the abate is given out and put in again after it has been replaced with new water.

By Guido Fereirra (CVTL Communications Volunteer)

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